A summary of the presentations services we offer:

Full works: complete overhaul or brand new presentation, backed by cognitive science

Redesign: exactly as it sounds!

Multimedia: interactive, animation, video, kiosk presentations etc

Templates: a complete easy-to-use working template, for single or multiple-use

Training: improve your presentations by applying scientific findings

For creative agencies: partner with us to offer more solutions to your clients

Our tool of choice is PowerPoint. If you need something in Keynote or Flash, talk to us.

All new clients are entitled to a free telephone consultation. Contact us to claim yours at [email protected] or 020 8807 0870.

“Cornerstone’s work quickly earned everyone’s respect, providing a very rare combination of PowerPoint expertise linked to a real interest in and understanding of every aspect of our business ultimately produced presentations with great content, style, and impact. Furthermore, with due consideration for the specific needs of Marketing, IT, but most of all the presenters themselves, Cornerstone quietly earned the confidence of all the internal stakeholders, dealing with each expertly. Powerpoint made ridiculously good, ridiculously easily”

Paul Greenhill,
Head of Marketing, Torus